Green Lizard Landscape LLC was established in 2006 with the belief that high desert landscaping can and should be beautiful, water efficient, low-maintenance and designed with plant material that thrives in our region.

We are the only landscape company in Carson City that has a certified arborist on staff.  Both owners obtained Certified Nursery Worker certificates and all employees are trained in proper ANSI standards and sustainable horticultural practices. This ensures that all plant material is chosen, handled, planted and maintained correctly.  

As client desires and site needs vary, this presents an opportunity to design a unique landscape every time.  It is our goal to create a special landscape for each client.


Bumblebees pollinating a pesticide-free Mojave Sage

Bumblebees pollinating a pesticide-free Mojave Sage

WHy your plants will thrive in Nevada with Green Lizard Landscape

To have a healthy plant, you must start at the bottom.  Nevada soil is extremely hard and deficient in nutrients and minerals.  We start by breaking up the soil, and amending the entire planting area, not just the planting hole.  This allows maximum root growth, allowing the plants to thrive and be more drought-tolerant.

Irrigation is the next important step.  Our drip irrigation systems provide an equal wetting zone around the entire root ball, allowing faster establishment and growth.  Also, creating a larger root mass leads to better drought resistance, which means you can irrigate less often.

Finally our integrated maintenance cycles apply fertilizer at even intervals, resulting in consistent healthy growth.  


“We are grateful to have found Green Lizard, and give them the highest possible recommendation. Travis and Lee have unmatched integrity, are remarkably talented, and have always offered an excellent value for their extraordinary work. They and their employees are a genuine pleasure to work with, and we believe that everything we’ve invested in their installation and maintenance of our landscaping has paid off handsomely in our quality of life and property value. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for creative landscaping talent, honest business practices, and a real value.”
— Ben and Angela