What to Expect


After you contact us, we will schedule an appointment to meet at your property and discuss your landscaping needs. Some things to consider before we meet are:

What do you want to do with the area? Are you trying to make the backyard a retreat area or possibly saving water by removing grass you never use?  


What is your budget for the area?  By knowing how much you want to invest in your yard, we are able to meet your goals and stay within your price range.

Inspiration?  Are there any houses around town or pictures you have seen online that you would like to have elements of incorporated into your landscape? 

After the initial meeting, we will design a plan based on what was discussed.  After the plan and estimate have been created, we will meet with you again and discuss them.  We provide a CAD-drawn paper plan with images of the plant material to help you visualize the landscape.  

After you agree to the design and estimate, your installation is scheduled.  Most landscape installations take between three to eight days to install. 

Follow up

We provide a quarterly-maintenance service for landscapes we install that includes fertilization, proper pruning, weed control, and irrigation system start-up and shut-off service.

We now have a beautiful yard that we are proud to show off to our friends and neighbors. Thanks to Green Lizard! We highly recommend them to people we know and people we just met with no concern that they will not be happy with the work, honesty, and integrity of Green Lizard Landscape.
— Scott and Cheryl