Environmental Responsibility

Our environmental goal is to help the Carson Valley grow beautiful, functional landscapes that conserve and protect our water, reduce the use of chemicals and pesticides, and provide a place where you will want to stay outside.

We strive for environmental sustainability throughout all aspects of our business.  

On every JOB SITE we:

Try to utilize all existing materials to help reduce waste.  

All green waste is recycled at Full Circle Compost.  

Use only Full Circle Compost products.

All plant pots are returned to the nurseries for reuse.

Efficiently use as little water as possible to irrigate your landscape. 

Use separate trash cans for recyclables and waste.

Use only organic-based fertilizers.

Herbicides are used in an Integrated Pest Management practice. 


Green Lizard Landscape is the only landscape company in Nevada to be certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a Certified Wildlife Habitat Installer. Be sure to discuss with us how you would like to help create a landscape that also helps the environment!

Your landscape can be a great place to help provide habitat for insects and animals that need a place to raise their families. Mason bees, Bumble bees, bats, butterflies, birds, and bats can all find places in your landscape to thrive, especially with a little help creating proper accommodations.

When we kill off the natural enemies of a pest. We inherit their work.
— C.B. Huffaker

Pay attention to the little things in life. They can end up being very big!

Pay attention to the little things in life. They can end up being very big!

We avoid the use of neonicotinoids as they may be lethal to bees.  Green Lizard Landscape does not believe the use of these chemicals is worth the environmental risk posed by their use.